Stuart McAlpine Miller

Scottish-born artist Stuart McAlpine Miller, a Scottish Arts graduate, displays all the characteristics of his home nation – tenacity, determination and a wry sense of humour. Using subtle tones of paint McAlpine Miller creates the illusion of transparencies within his works. A reality that is so far-fetched that it becomes a busy blur of objects which portray the idea of an energy-laden consumer society. 


McAlpine Miller has enjoyed a popular following for in the U.K, New York and Hong Kong for his original paintings featuring trademark beautiful women overlaid with illusionary colourful nostalgic imagery. 


This new series Split Personalities attempts to reveal the hidden side to the characters behind the paintings. The performer is merely that. The 'other side' is seen by the few but perhaps recognised by most. However, there are more sides to the story. It has been said that to be a genius, there must also exist 'A Personality Defect'. Whether this is entirely true is a question for debate. It can be revealed however that some talents do have certain personality traits which in some cases have led to untimely deaths. In this series I want to explore all possibilities without conclusion. After all, asking the question can only produce half the answer.

In 2011, McAlpine Miller was chosen as the artist in residence at The Savoy Hotel, London. His collection, entitled "A Time For Reflection" hangs in the iconic Thames Foyer.

The artist has enjoyed successful solo exhibitions with galleries such as Connaught Brown, London; Duncan Miller, London; Ruth O'Hara, New York; Catto Gallery, London; Rebecca Hossack Gallery,  Kings Road Gallery, London, SOTA Gallery, Hong Kong and Hoerle-Guggenheim, New York amongst others.

Alongside his ongoing exhibitions with Castle Gallery Fine Art, the artist will also be announcing a number of new exciting collaborations in 2021. Including a residency with The Kimpton Hotel Group. An unveiling of his latest series of works will be exhibited at The Charlotte Square Hotel art space, The Gallery in Edinburgh.


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