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Stuart McAlpine Miller

Scottish-born artist Stuart McAlpine Miller, a Scottish Arts graduate, displays all the characteristics of his home nation – tenacity, determination and a wry sense of humour. Using subtle tones of oils on canvas McAlpine Miller creates the illusion of transparencies within his works. A reality that is so far-fetched that it becomes a busy blur of objects which portray the idea of an energy-laden consumer society. 


McAlpine Miller has enjoyed a popular following for in the U.K, New York and Hong Kong for his original paintings featuring trademark beautiful women overlaid with illusionary colourful nostalgic imagery. 

In 2011, McAlpine Miller was chosen as the artist in residence at The Savoy Hotel, London. His collection, entitled "A Time For Reflection" hangs in the iconic Thames Foyer.

The artist has enjoyed successful solo exhibitions with galleries such as Connaught Brown, London; Duncan Miller, London; Ruth O'Hara, New York; Catto Gallery, London; Rebecca Hossack Gallery,  Kings Road Gallery, London, SOTA Gallery, Hong Kong and Hoerle-Guggenheim, New York amongst others.


"All the things that David Hockney can do with an iPad in terms of colour, collaged composition and cut-and-paste layering, McAlpine Miller takes full circle by doing New School in an Old School style all, incredibly, with his oil paints! McAlpine Miller is taking Hockney a step further, by taking it a step backwards. Being far more complex, with traditional oil paints. His paintings have a 3D look about them. Seemingly composed through the employment of graphical cropped images edited under a CGI mouse-move, but it is all done with his sable paintbrush not the magic wand of Photoshop. With this, he paints pictures that connect with you, today. McAlpine Miller is one of the best artists of our time, painting about our time, in the best way I’ve seen. This is how he is changing the course of Art History – much in the same way that Da Vinci, Monet and Picasso did. The art of tomorrow starts here..." Estelle Lovatt, Art Critic


Working towards exhibition, launching a series of NFT. 
Warner Brothers / JK Rowling, Revelations: A Portrait of Magic, 
The Savoy Suite ‘A Time for Reflection
Solo exhibition Castle Fine Art, Glasgow
Solo Exhibition – The Guggenheim, New York
Pele Exhibition – The Halcyon Gallery, Mayfair 
The Savoy ‘A Time for Reflection’ Limited Editions published

Major Exhibition of sold out works - Castle Fine Art, Mayfair 2013
Major exhibition of paintings. Castle Fine Art, Mayfair. 
Collaboration with London Fashion House Lulu & Co
The Artist in residence at The Savoy Hotel, London. Eight paintings were unveiled in November 2012. "A Time For Reflection" will hang in the Thames Foyer at The Savoy.
15 Paintings to a Private Art Collector
Commissioned to create front cover for Luxure Magazine
Hong Kong Art Fair, Hong Kong – May
Exhibition, SOTA Gallery, Hong Kong 
Exhibition, The Hay Hill Gallery, Cork Street, London
Various Solo and Group Exhibitions at own gallery
Hay Hill Gallery, London -October
State of the Arts Gallery, Hong Kong – November
Hay Hill Gallery, Cork Street, London
Grosvenor Street, Mayfair, London
Cross My Art, Kings Cross, London
Co-founded Art & Escape Ltd
Kings Road Gallery, London
Private sale of 10 works to British collector
Decoratum Gallery, Church Street, London – commissioned and collected over 40 works

Charlotte Street Gallery - Solo Exhibition
Catto Gallery, Hampstead – Group Exhibition
The Art Group, signed worldwide publishing deal
Catto Gallery, Hampstead – Solo Exhibition;
Paul McCartney 2004 European Tour, commissioned to paint the piano that was used throughout the tour, this included working closely and consulting Paul on a daily basis; 
Charlotte Street Gallery - Solo Exhibition;
Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London – Solo Exhibition;
United Entertainment Group Plc, County Hall, South Bank – commissioned various large format paintings for exhibition
Catto Gallery, Hampstead – Solo Exhibition;
Set-up a co-operative company based in Camden producing small and large scale works for exhibition in Europe and America
Catto Gallery, Hampstead – Solo Exhibition; 
Catto Gallery, Hampstead – Solo Exhibitions;
Duncan Miller Fine Art, Glasgow - Art Fair
Worked on several advertising campaigns including: Reneault, McVities, Virgin, Persil, Bravissimo; BBC, Stage Production about the History of Art - backdrops based on famous images, the Last Supper and various historical notable portraits

BBC Production of Changeling 
Gagliardi Gallery, London – Group Show
Kelvingrove Art Galleries & Museums - Shortlisted for Provost Award; 
Decadence, film by Stephen Berkoff – Triptych of The Alternative Last Supper used as backdrop for the main dining scene.
Connought Brown, London - Group Show;
Duncan Miller, New York – Chigaco Art Fair; 
Gagliardi Gallery, London – Group Show & featured works in Contemporary European Art Book
Connought Brown, London - Solo Exhibition;
Duncan Miller, New York – Art Fair
Ruth O'Hara Gallery – New York
Art Bank, Glasgow - Solo Exhibition;
Connought Brown, London – Joint Exhibition
Joint Exhibition – Cannes, France
Art Bank, Glasgow
Trinity Gallery, Alblermarle Street, London - Solo Exhibition;
Poleski Gallery, Lucca - Lived and worked in Italy whilst exhibiting at this gallery
Glasgow School of Art, BA Honours - painting and drawing

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