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The artist has been exhibiting for 20 years, check out the You Tube channel for video highlights of exhibitions from the recent Harry Potter collection Revelations to the hugely successful Mirror Mirror  at Bruton Street, Mayfair and The Savoy Collection

In his most recent exhibition Lost Lives // Split Personalities, Stuart McAlpine Miller takes viewers on a backstage tour of the psyche of some of the world's most iconic musicians

Some select highlights from past exhibitions..

Lost Lives // Split Personalities

This new series Split Personalities attempts to reveal the hidden side to the characters behind the paintings. The performer is merely that. The 'other side' is seen by the few but perhaps recognised by most. However, there are more sides to the story. It has been said that to be a genius, there must also exist 'A Personality Defect'. Whether this is entirely true is a question for debate. It can be revealed however that some talents do have certain personality traits which in some cases have led to untimely deaths. In this series I want to explore all possibilities without conclusion. After all, asking the question can only produce half the answer.



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