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McAlpine Millers art works are initially created working in oils, using tone and light to create the illusion of transparency, his work endeavours to create a multi dimensional perspective. His paintings have a 3D look about them. Seemingly composed through the employment of graphical cropped images edited under a CGI mouse-move, but it is all done with his sable paintbrush. With this, he paints pictures that connect with you, today. 

The artist has always had a fascination for technology, music and fashion and the transition to creating his original paintings in digital format  was an obvious development.  

“My paintings comment on how beauty is only skin-deep and how we tend to hide behind this façade, when in reality we need to uncover our real issues and discover ourselves. My art is like a mirror to society –in private we’re ourselves, but in public, we’re veiled by many layers we put up.


I have been influenced by Renaissance art, especially Caravaggio as he had a great approach to figurative art – my favourite of his works is The Supper at Emmaus, which is very dark and dramatic. Transparent imagery has also been a growing fascination of mine and gradually this has become the focus of my work. So the basis of the concept lies in Renaissance art but with a surrealist and contemporary edge.”

THE SAVOY 'Upon Reflection'

Release Date 14 April 2023

This striking collection is inspired by “A Time For Reflection: The Savoy Suite”. Over a decade ago, Stuart McAlpine Miller was commissioned by The Savoy to portray his perspective on the most renowned patrons of the past, including Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, and Alfred Hitchcock. Currently, the eight commissioned pieces are hanging in the heart of the Savoy, in the iconic Thames Foyer. With the new collection “Upon Reflection” Stuart McAlpine Miller provides a unique opportunity to revisit and reimagine the original artworks. The artist’s signature blends traditional painting techniques with contemporary themes, highlighting a new perspective and creating something that is simultaneously fresh and nostalgic.

The first digital piece to be released in the collection is Marilyn Monroe, "Bright Young Thing". This digital art work is available framed on a screen. These framed digital animations are also available as NFT's and Limited Editions prints as stills of the animation.

This 2 minute animation plays on a loop. It is possible to purchase further digital art works as NFTs for these framed screens, link to app below.

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