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This is a retrospective selection of works spanning 20 years. Please see Exhibition page for the most recent works. The Artist is currently working on releasing some of these works as a collection of animated NFT projects. Please do follow socials to be kept up to date on new releases.

"Just as you never forget your first love, you’ll never forget the first time you lay eyes on a McAlpine Miller painting.  And yet, curiously, you won’t remember it in much detail, either.  Each time you look at it you’ll see something new in its veiled multi-layers of paint.  I do. Then, after viewing the artwork it’s all about ‘experiencing’ it.  In the same way that you do a good book, or a film, returning to it again and again.  The sheer quality, and quantity of digital media-like detail, in paint, is of today, as we have moved from the verbal to the pictorial.  We see a catalogue of stock images, all day, as we run from our computer screen to tablet, cinema screen to mobile phone, smart watch to iPad.  Wrapped up in new-media magic we go from one great virtual adventure to another.  Flip-flopping between the virtual and the real.  Since Warhol created digital art using his Commodore Amiga computer, McAlpine Miller’s captures his high-tech social-media look, in paint and, superfluously, by hand.    Just as Turner made social and mechanical references to his time in his painting, of the Industrial Revolution and the steam train, so too McAlpine Miller paints about our time." Estelle Lovatt Art Critic

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