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If you are here you may already be aware of the contemporary paintings of Scottish artist Stuart McAlpine Miller, if not you can read more about him here - Meet the Artist

McAlpine Miller is an artist who together with colour, light and illusion, creates works which fit perfectly with his time.. Like many artists before he fully understands the power of his medium and the developed commercial channels which provide access to all.

McAlpine Miller Editions is founded by the artist Stuart McAlpine Miller and partner Nikki. Inspired by our travels and fuelled by our love of contemporary art and quirky styling, we wanted to redesign the art of living with a collection of luxurious items developed from McAlpine Millers' imagery. Combining contemporary art, colour and elegance, we aim to create a unique collection of lifestyle and fashion items you won't find anywhere else.

McAlpine Miller Editions is a platform to bring a fresh new form to a wider audience. From bespoke projects to quirky interior products and luxe fashion items. It is a celebration for art lovers all over the world. We do hope you enjoy. 

The art works featured on this site are from McAlpine Miller's 2020 exhibition  Split Personalities You are welcome to visit the artist site to view further works

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